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OK I give up.

Just a walk to the bread shop this morning, a huge pile of ironing this afternoon and several sit downs with cups of coffees along the way.

We eventually go out at 6pm to go for a bike ride around the Calvisson area. Unfortunately one of the members of the riding group (a male) already has chickened out and wants to play computer games. My male, then also wants to play computer games (some Star Wars game with characters made of Lego). Which means I have to put Alicia's chair on the back of my bike (it makes my seat too high up
and she wobbles terribly.)

So the ride to Junas is off... and I only just make it to Chez Vero's in Congenies with the promise of a beer firmly set in my sights. We call 'A' to come and get us in the car with the bike rack. My companion is suitably gobsmacked that I wimped out.
I don't care... I'm now dreaming about a gin and tonic.

Lovely leg of lamb done on the BBQ and salsa thingies on the side. Followed by Raspberries with meringue (Alicia thought these were very interesting.) Yummy.

All this followed by lots of playing with their toutou's... sorry, I can't resist, I miss my Daisydog too much. (Alicia now thinks all Westies are called Daisydog now too - there's one living just down the road from us in Aubais and for once he doesn't look like he's been bleached and put through the washing machine.)

And I was given the most amazing present too... I'm a very lucky girl.

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