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Ooh Hello Mag and Daily Mail

Creche, more printing and the supermarket this morning. But not before I discover some kind soul has torn off my 'Please Don't Park Here' sign off the garage door (so the builder and the scaffolding can get in) and written 'the road belongs to everyone' in red pen, and stuck it on our garage door. I love this village (please note sarcastic undertone here) and the review that it gets here now makes sense (I'm referring really to the last paragraph.)

Do I moan too much do you think???

We visit Anduze and a client again today - she has had a visit today with a new estate agent in the area (they've been open 9 months and I've never heard of them, never mind used them before) - very much against my better judgement, but she and I have had several telephone conversations with him and he is very persuasive. I do specifically tell him that the Bueges valley is much too far for my client and to limit the visit to the St Chaptres area and St Privat des Vieux (another no no in my mind as it's much too close to busy Ales for what's required... but the garden looks lovely so I say yes.)

Perhaps more alarms should have rung when he couldn't spell Sauve (the next village to him) or when he didn't know Mialet (near Anduze and well know for it's Robert Louis Stevenson connections...)... but hey. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he turns up in am English registered car, can't speak or understand a word of French and then persuades her to go to Bueges (1hr 30 mins each way). Aaargggh. I won't use him again I can promise you and I'll stick with my own trusted agents (and instincts) around here. Still, you'll never know if you don't try... he could have been good.

I just love Anduze and the Petit Jardin cafe... and the well stocked Maison de la Presse there (hence the Hello Mag and the Daily Mail)... the fabulous rock formations above the river... I miss Anduze and it's inhabitants terribly.

After the house visit (the one on the top right hand side of this page) we toddle off to the La Rocaille resto - paper tableclothes and tumblers instead of elegant glasses... and 3 courses in the evening for Euro6.60 - very cheap, cheerful and always full. It reminds me of Greek Tavernas on holiday.

Back home 10pm with Alicia asleep in the car and I start the search for a car parking space - there will be a concert in the Place du Chateau this weekend and the place is full of seating ready... so even less parking spaces than normal. Argggh.

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