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The Outlaws arrive

'A's' parents arrived at 8pm last night - they left Lyon at about 2pm... the autoroute was so blocked they came of it before Ales and then took the back roads to get here... they have a trailer with them as well which doesn't help the speed they have to drive at...

This morning is such a rush... I go to Aubais to prepare for the gite clients arriving tonight, putting in flowers and fruit and doing linen washing. Then to Marsillargues to the good butcher, get bread and then to the post office to get 'A's' birthday present.... and then back to Calvisson for lunch.

This afternoon to a story book reading in the middle of Nimes by the people who run www.french-scene.com - they also sell some Usborne kids books there... and with taking granny and grandad with us... Alicia did well for presents... I chose a book for her about La Rentree... ie starting school for September...

Then home for a dip in the pool... it's 30 degrees ... so just like bath to get in... lovely. Even Alicia doesn't squeak when she gets in.

And then back to Aubais to welcome clients.... who have got off their TGV in NImes at 1630hrs... picked up a hire car and didn't arrive in Aubais (30 mins away) until 7pm.... They were lovely... and looks like they'll have a good time.

Exhausted... steak on the BBQ tonight... with those nice round potatoes with the squishy middles... from the freezer counter!!! (how haute cuisine!!) and white nectarines.,,, hmmm.

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