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Pheeewwww it's hot

Summer is reallllly here now - I've just got the fan out of the cupboard and put it on my desk. I also put some lolly moulds in the freezer at lunchtime for me and Alicia - just juice flavoured home made ones... heaven! Mind you, it's amazing how far a 2 yr old can smear purple coloured juice.

This morning after dropping off Miss Muffit at the creche - I go home and sit at my own computer... print out half a dozen English telephone directories and put them together, put together a few more bits for the next few days of work... and then have to put away a huge pile of Winter clothes that have been dumped on the bed. In a couple of weeks we'll be going back home after months house-sitting and these are the clothes we don't need... already we are trying to thin out the re-packing requirements for finally going home.

We're also steeling ourselves to go back home and do a Spring clean before our return. What we should really do, pending selling our house (the idea being that within 6 months we'll be buying somewhere bigger) is get a load of boxes and thin out all the rubbish in the house and put it into our store in Montpellier - 'A' is telling me already that our attic is full and that the store is full too.... hmmm. typical man, I'm sure I could get more stuff in that store if I tried. It's really like loading the dishwasher... optimisation is what's required... it's a woman's job (aargh don't say that, I'll have to always fill the dishwasher now.)

Just been in the gite that the clients left last Friday and did a quick tidy up.. wash sheets, empty fridge and so on... the terrace tiles are so hot they're burning my feet... Oh, can anyone tell me why gite clients always leave whole bottles of cola in the fridge - we don't drink it in our family - it's disgusting stuff that leaves your teeth all furry - I put it down the toilet to clean it.

Yesterday I called Lisa's mum - Lisa is 11 yrs old and French and is desperate to learn English - she's been advertising for people to spend the day with - a bit of babysitting and generally get involved in an English speaking family - her mum was telling me that her school in Nimes doesn't do enough language work and she'll never learn English if it was just left to that. She's also going to London the following week and is worrying a little about it. So next week we'll have Lisa with us for a couple of days... we'll have to think of something nice to do together. (English cooking a good idea do you think? - I can feel all the French readers now cringing....)

On the way back from the creche I promised myself I'd stop at the field of sunflowers and take some pictures... but they've all gone over already... all brown and dried... have I missed the boat already? boohoo.

OK I admit it, I went home and couldn't resist bringing back this book.... I know I shouldn't be addicted to Dan Brown... but I can't stop myself.

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