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The Rest of the Day

A really busy day today. Most of it spent on the phone.

A client has had a house offer accepted in a house in the Vaucluse - so I'm looking for a pretty decent survey over there. I can't get one done by someone reputable and qualified before the middle of next week and it'll cost just over Euro1000 - wow! It's not usual to have a full 'English style' survey in France - most people just leave it at the termites / asbestos / lead / thermique - but I have to say I would do something more thorough next time I buy an old stone house in rural France. We plump instead for a builder local to me (fully registered and reputable and wouldn't take on work so far away anyway, so would be totally impartial) which is decidedly cheaper and will be there much quicker too.

Next, school supplies for someone going into college for the first time in France.

Next, how does this Google adsense thing work? I think I've cracked it now... but I had to read all the instructions - and we all know, that if all else fails you THEN read the instructions.

Next, an appointment for satellite dishes to be installed... and chats about which English satellite channels to go for. www.BigDishSat.com have lots of good fact sheets if you need help.

Next, I fiddle with Amazon Adverts for the site...

Finally, going to the supermarket at 6pm - I couldn't face it before.. it's soooo hot... and Alicia had a really long dodo this afternoon after the creche - she keeps asking when creche is going to end. I tell her next week and then remind her that after the holidays it's La Rentree and it'll be school.. Oh, she'll be so young...

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