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Sommieres Market & Naked with the Fireflies

Off to Salinelles to collect some papers this morning ... just a quick visit - and then to the market in Sommieres to say bye bye to Tara - or is that Tara to Tara? (please say with Coronation Street type accent). They are off to discover the Pyrenees and then Pezenas.

Didn't buy much on the market - just some lamb and merguez - and some organic melon, strawberries, plums and apricots. Alicia scoffed a slice of pizza as we downed a couple of demi-peches.. then a couple of pichets of rose. We were sitting under the arches and it was still hot... the walk back to the car really wasn't looking all that tempting... Summer is really here now... after a rather shaky start.

Didn't get anything done in the afternoon - it was 1630hrs by the time we got back from the market... then I didn't feel like eating anything at all... and we ended the evening sitting in the pitch black of the courtyard - wearing not much at all - drinking martini's and looking at the fireflies sitting under the bamboo. Very pleasant.

Oh, I did make huge lists of things to do and things to pack....

Thank you Sydney for the photo above.

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