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A Taxing Matter

Sarkozy's tax reforms - this is interesting.

Apart from the usual boring trip to the supermarket (the woman selling wine cornered me and I had to swap my bottle of rose for a bottle of her rose... used to live in Sheffield and spoke great English... BTW, I've given up telling people I live here now, I just let them think I'm on holiday...life is too short...) Alicia's penultimate day at creche today...(the tears are welling up...)

One of our clients is having a pianola delivered - if you really need to know, it costs Euro180 incl tax to get one heaved up on a crane and into your first floor window if you live in the middle of Montpellier...

More France Telecom stuff today - one client wanting to change from having a FT subscription and an ISP to an all inclusive package....and to include free calls.
One client wanting an extra line... but FT are refusing to install one as it crosses several gardens and they won't cut down the trees in their path (the path of the cherry picker - they could have installed it using old fashioned ladders, but they won't do that....) so plan B was tackled.

What else? oh yes, school insurance (yes you have to have insurance to send your kid to school here - costs about Euro8 a year) - just in case your little darling knocks somebody else's teeth out... Then car insurance and mutuelles......

And dogs and cats staying at Montpellier hotels... along with their owners.
Not possible to be bored in this job.

I bought a can of baked beans today (rare treat as at Euro1.20 a can it's rather expensive) as we have Lisa an 11 yr old French girl coming to see us on Thursday (to speak English) - and I thought she might like to sample English cuisine...

Off to make a quiche with Beaufort cheese in it.

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