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Up too late...

So you see this morning we were meant to be up early... to go on a long bike ride along the voie verte... the reason being is that in this house near Calvisson we are much nearer the Voie Verte than when we are in Aubais... but the road back is much steeper.. and being at the end of the run... a darn site harder... I digress.

Anyway, we opened our eyes at 0845hrs - with a two year old this is unheard of... so it would mean by the time we'd eaten and taken the two furry monsters out... and got back from the bike ride, it would be too late, too hot and we'd just be cooked on the bikes... so we take the dogs to the oppidum instead... which was meant to be the easier option... (am I mad?)

Anyway, it was a lovely walk... very short according to the GPS, but nigh-on verticle... some fab views (sorry forgot the camera) and we disturbed a chap doing tai-chi (OK, one of the labs disturbed a chap doing tai-chi) in a tranquil spot in the middle of nowhere.

This afternoon I call around for a B&B in the Vaucluse (if they are not already full, they won't take someone for less than 3 nights in July!) I went through 7 B&B's before I found one... at Euro95 a night... very pretty though is it - owned by a decorator.

Then a power nap (45 mins) and dip in the pool.... Alicia running around naked finds it very funny to sit in a puddle and then print marks of her bottom everywhere on the dry tiles around the pool.

BBQ tonight... sausages and merguez....

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