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What peculiar weather

It's grey - it's dark and it's still hot... and windy.

Fascinating events today include: washing Alicia's doudou (her comforter / luvvy / whatever you call it.) - She is very upset when she can't see it going around in the washing machine. And now I'm trying to dry it in super-fast time without resorting to the tumble dryer just in case.

Apart from that... all I do today is try to sort phone problems... mobile and fixed in two different locations.

Have a look at this book when you get a minute - I've found it so true and very funny and I've only just flicked through it.

I particularly like the bit about what you buy from M&S is determined by what class you are from. i.e.
  • Only upper class buy all their food from them. They also buy linens and towels.
  • Middle class buy some food from them but buy their toilet rolls and so on from Sainsbury's. They only buy things like white t-shirts and underwear from them and certainly nothing that has a pattern and that is instantly recognisable as to come from them.
  • Upper working class buy food from them for a special Saturday night... and blah blah blah...
Anyway - worth a look...

Another thing I found rather gobsmacking / amusing is the classifieds / lonely hearts section of ParuVendu which is a free sheet through your door here:

Homme 55ans non libre, recherche dame 45 a 65ans taille S a XL pour une relation suivie ... ecrire.


H 58a Marie recontrerait femme forte corpulence (???) age indiff...

Well fancy....

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