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Absolutely zonked...

An interesting little widget?

We left Aubais today - after a quick tour of the house at 9am (for August gite client's family) to show them how the oven works and so on... and hand over keys.... the cleaner arrives and I don't stop until I get home at 4pm - I'm absolutely knick-knacked.
Alicia alternated between being helpful (putting soil all over the courtyard) and being a monkey (don't ask). There is still Alicia's bike there for 'A' to collect tomorrow - along with our baby camping barbecue.

Alicia's now asleep on the sofa and I can't face emptying the car (not to mention there is nowhere to put all the stuff).

A few calls today about a right of passage across someone's land (the combine harvester is too big to pass it's usual way - there's a tree in the way...) and a rush out to buy phones for a client - but otherwise a quiet day for work.

And a quick thank you to Anne-Lise from www.lotthemarshall.com for helping us out while I'm on holiday.

Oh, I forgot, at 0830hrs this morning in La Rochelle, I was made an Auntie again - Fenicia was born and weighs 3.8kgs. Mother and baby doing well (not surprising being as though she was only in labour 2 and a half hours and only in hospital one and a hours before she was born.... you haven't lived until you've been in labour 31 hours - ahem.

Heck knows what's for dinner...

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