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Cricked neck?

You may remember - actually you might not, as I hadn't started this blog then - my bad neck back in December? Well, this morning after sleeping the night in a bed 10 years older than me with a French sausage pillow, I have a very bad neck and shoulder which worries me no end after the last episode and worries 'A' even more after he had to look after me - screaming in pain and crying when he lifted me out of bed.

A trip to the chemists gets me what we used to call horse linament (sp?) and a box of ibuprofen... it'll have to do as my osteopath is in Bordeaux, 2 hours away and is on holiday anyhow.

This morning is quiet - Alicia discovering how watercolour paints work for the first time - Meme has given me her hot water bottle which is rather useless as it's hard plastic and can hardly be squashed around my shoulder... We also get out our wet weather games - 240 jeux box of dominos and cards and so on.

I write 3 postcards with fluffy donkeys with trousers on on them.... and we eat fresh figs and peaches which meme has found in the garden.

I was interested to find in the maison de la presse: contracts for gite rentals that you are idiot proof - just fill in ones - for Euro3.50 each - you could get furnished or unfurnished. Tell me, why can I buy today's UK papers printed in France at home in the Herault / Gard and not here?

The parents in law arrive from Bordeaux this afternoon - laden with boxes of muffins - delicious. Father in law comes for a bike ride to Loix with us - we do 21kms at 1830hrs - riding back to fabulous sunsets and dozens of bunnies in the fields.

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