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Everyone for lunch

The whole family is coming for lunch today - but we escape for the morning to St Martin de Re for a quick coffee on our bikes and we see the donkeys that live in the moat of the castle - they are just too cute - it's good for my neck to keep moving...
Alicia's cousin was born a couple of weeks ago - and today we meet her for the first time - baby Fenicia - she's tiny - you forget so quickly about little babies. Back for lunch and Meme has an out-house with a barbecue in it - so the grub for today is cooked there... there's a very tall chimney and Alicia runs in and out checking for the smoke from the fire... some rich previous guest has bought a bag of sarment - vine clippings - which everybody waxes lyrical about - fantastic taste.. blablablah..... and everybody helps out a little... even putting up 5 parasol and clothes pegging them together to protect us from the sunshine on the terrace. A magnum of champagne is opened. Meme produces a bottle of wine someone gave her from Montenegro - which everybody turned their nose up at .... we drink a couple of bottles of Rioja instead. Coffee was taken under the quince tree in the garden .. and then we all go to the beach for an hour or two. Sakura (Alicia's cousin) loved the sea and ran around non-stop - splashing. As it's later on in the day we've mostly kept t-shirts on as the wind is rather fresh.. but then Sakura tips a whole bucket of sandy water over her head... brrrr. Makes me shiver to think about it It's the night market in La Couarde tonight - we don't make it... too much eating to do. We do go out in the garden at 1130pm to check out the shooting stars.. we're not too sure what time it's meant to be and after half a dozen stars... we toddle off to bed.

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