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Flaming hot...

So would you believe it's meant to be 37C here (Bordeaux) today... 28C in Montpellier... and wait for it, tomorrow the real start of the holiday it's going to be 20C and raining... big storms forecast for tonight.

Plans to rent bikes (even a tandem?) might be shot down in flames at this rate. What do you do on an island (that costs Euro16.50 to cross the bridge to get to) for two weeks when it rains? (yes you could do that) but when you have a 2 yr old to amuse, it's not so easy... and this time we have a 6 yr old with us too.

Today has been slow... not done anything other than eat and drink... tuna on brochettes and mirabelle tarts.. so nothing more to report.

If you don't hear from me again... see you in two weeks.... bon vacances.

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1 comment:

peter said...

Problem is that the Atlantic coast is more humid (alleviated by more wind) than Gods own country on the Med.

So 38C here doesn't feel like 38C in North France.

And 30C in August on Londons tube system is unbearable ?

Actually we've been bouncing around 33C - 35C all week with 38C on Monday.

Why did Mrs Peter book the lorry with the building materials (and my tame brickie) in August ?