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Went to the market in Talence this morning... with granny and Alicia in tow. This is always an interesting experience... Alicia looks so much like her daddy (and therefore granny) - and all the market stall holders know granny... so they know that Alicia is the grand-daughter straight away.

Then who the hell is this woman speaking English??? So at each stall we go into this subject. Yes, Alicia is bilingual - yes she probably won't think it's cool to speak English when she hits 5 yrs old - yes it's it wonderful she has this chance to be bilingual.... yadda yadda yadda. Then also for market visits I put on an old-fashioned kids' harness thingy - so when she goes through that 5 min phase of not wanting to hold your hand in the hustle and bustle... I don't lose her. I am totally horrified by www.findmadeleine.com and can't imagine what it must be like for her parents who live in my home county of Leicestershire.
So, we then get the mixed looks from everybody about her lead.

Then Alicia - who's stomach is obviously French... wants to taste everything from cherry tomatoes, through to cheese, dried sausage, apricots and strawberries - and she truly spoilt by each stall. By the time we get home she's stuffed and doesn't want lunch.

This afternoon we go to Carrefour to do a big shop for next week - the Ile de Re isn't cheap - so we do the non-fresh shopping in advance.... then we have to stop at Decathlon on the way back - very dangerous. There's the sale on and I manage to buy next winter's coat for Alicia for Euro10 - an absolute bargain. Anybody tell me why I'm so fascinated by camping gear? I just love camping in France and Spain... in camp sites with fab. swimming pools with slides and whirlpools etc... I digress..

Very hot here... and just exhausted from shopping. 'A' and his dad have finished concreting the base for the veranda now... so a break tomorrow.... and I'll start the next book club's book which is:

Off for a shower now... then dinner.

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