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Mid life crisis

I turned 40 years old today.. need I say more? If you gave me the chance to try the last 20 years again, would I take your hand off? Try me.

A quiet-ish day. One of the gites we look after was vacated yesterday - as the Summer has just arrived (34C today) we take advantage of the use of the garden and sit around sunbathing... oh, and do 7 loads of laundry too.

We did do a very early and quick visit to Calvisson market - we were so early there were actually loads of parking spaces still. I even got a Mail on Sunday (you wouldn't get one of those when it's not August!) - oh, and some gorgeous figs (Euro4 for 5 kilos) and melons Euro3 for 3... and some home-made rillettes Euro3 and 6 lamb chops Euro14 - how much??? is this tourist prices or is foot and mouth causing that?

A bottle of blanquette saved from last year's holiday makes it all better...

P.S. Pool lost all the green and furri-ness but needs a good hoover... so can uncross my fingers now.

P.P.S. I've just finished Holy Fools by Joanna Harris and Axel is on the last chapter or two of Harry Potter 7... I get to read it next..

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