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Off to the Ile de Re

After filling the car with essentials (and the kitchen sink) we depart Bordeaux (we are the second in a convoy of 3 cars).. during the two hour journey we stop off at Beurlay
which is a favourite of the French side of the family for tea time and breakfast cakes.

We buy angelica jam and angelica which is preserved for cakes (a present for Alicia's great-granny Meme). They also have green chocolate frogs (we buy 2) and lots of nice things like Pineau de Charente. Actually after we all stop there and buy something... one after the other - and then the visitors buy something enroute too - I am pretty much sick of galettes by the end of the holiday - sad huh?

Nothing much has changed at Meme's gites - creaky stairs and creaky floorboards - lots of dust and lots of sea-air outside - which seems to knock out Alicia for 3 hours every afternoon... Alicia particularly likes to explore the jungle garden...and discover the ripe peaches and figs.

Meme has also re-vamped Alica's granny's old doll's pushchair too... which is gorgeous and makes a heck of a racket when pushed along the terrace...

See also picture of Alicia in the car enroute - she obviously feels safer with her cycle helmet on when daddy drives...

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