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Organisation of attic space

It's official.... after moving back to Marsillargues after the Summer house sitting and dog sitting - we can't move an inch for stuff... all sorts of stuff.. but stuff generally.

I really didn't think I'd actually bought any clothes - but all the clothes (mine, A's or Alicia's) just won't fit back into the wardrobes... and despite me giving Gill nearly two dozen books, I still have no space on my shelves...

'A' spends the morning in our tiny attic - moving boxes... he hates it - it makes him sneeze like mad... he takes a zirtek to control some of the problem... and just as we've getting really organised - the light bulb in the attic goes fizz-bang... leaving him in the pitch black... and we don't have another bulb to replace it... bummer.

We drive down to our storage place in Pres d'Arenes south of Montpellier, who is also full - again, needing organisation (via Emmaus the charity place to take your stuff to too - NB this is August the dechetterie / tip is closed) and finally, we do make a dent in the attic, so that I can fill up a few boxes from the bedroom and the kitchen and dump it in the attic, until we have a moment to go to the storeage again... and the cycle goes on.

When we're ready to leave Montpellier it's 1130am and we're only one motorway junction from Ikea - so there's nothing for it, but to go there for lunch.... we're there for 1150am... and hey, you should see the queues already!

After eating next to the child's play area (who's idea is it to put footballs in there? however soft they are, they have a habit of flying out of the area and landing in your meat ball sauce... believe me.) and have to go around Ikea to buy something really USEFUL... as you do.

We get some utensil holders (my 4 from my previous life disappeared .....) and some sandwich boxes in various sizes to store A's Lego in... and of course, a couple more toy storage boxes for Alicia...

Home for a lazier afternoon.....

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