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Phare des Baleines

Up and off first thing this morning - we're cycling to more or less the furthest point on the island - the Phare des Baleines.

We stop off at Meme's Marais - where she used to tend the salt - it's not being worked now - but the route is lovely and some other areas are still being tended. Then we go through Ars en Re which is a lovely little
port - but today is market day and it's a nightmare to get through. It reminds me of a Cornish port - we've been here before just for a beer and I'd love to stop...

We arrive at the Baleine in time for lunch - there's lots of choice of restaurants and considering it's the middle of August it's not too over-sie
ged with tourists (I imagine most cyclists would die before they got there... it's so far..) We find our favourite creperie and sit down to the Euro10 2 crepes and a glass of cider menu. For the first time we order a menu enfant for Alicia at Euro7 including drink and ice cream and she wolfs down the cheese and ham crepe and makes light work of the ice cream.

Then a walk around the park around the Phare and a look at the sea and lovely empty beach there - it's so clear - we can see the mainland (or the continent as the locals call it) really well.

There are loads of souvenir shops - I am soooo tempted to buy a bar of donkey milk soap!! and instead plump for a lovely big windmill for Alicia to hold onto for the bike journey home. She actually hits daddy on the bum all the way home instead. We reckon we did more than 30kms today - but we forgot to take the GPS with us.... ho hum.

A different way home via St Clement - which a more wooded route and there's a big campsite there too.

I pick up a couple of magazines and a Daily Mail in La Couarde on the way home and after putting Alicia down for her 3.5 hour dodo we settle under the Quince tree in the garden and read.... heaven.

Fajitas for dinner tonight - and afterwards we put on our fleeces (it really is bizarre to go somewhere colder than home for your holidays!) and walk down to the beach to take a look at the 4 lighthouses we can see from there - to see the different coloured lights and count how many times they flash.

Meme's Marais:

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