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Settling in and sitting around

A getting over the travel day today - all 2 hours, packing and unpacking of it....

We did take a wander into La Couarde and saw a great bike with a toddler seat on the front - though not a lot of other bikes - we asked about it and it was under repair for someone... and mate, don't go thinking you'll get another bike anywhere else on the island... it's mid August and we're totally rented out now. Well, he was kinda helpful! - not.

We walked around the corner and saw another bike rental shop - who didn't have any either - but come back at 1830hrs and we'll see what's come back.. and voila! we get two great bikes... with a monster (Alicia) carrier on the back. There is such a great choice of bikes there - and kid carriers loads of people have those trailers with space for 2 kids and also for older, say 6 to 10 yr olds, a half a bike extension to dad's bike - to save a bit of peddling or wobbling off into the path of someone else's bike. A week's rental for 2 bikes with baby seat comes to Euro80.

Alicia's book arrived from Amazon today - it's a Cahiers de Vacances and another book of what the curriculum is in the petite section of the maternelle for 2 to 3 year olds - we had a go at doing the exercies with Alicia in the garden on a rug - she's a little too small yet we think - and there are a lot of distractions outside too. How do you explain to a 2 yr old the differences between sweet and savoury???

We go down to the beach about 6pm - it's rather windy - and the tide is coming in at an alarming rate - I have to move my towel 3 times. But it's lovely fresh Atlantic air.

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