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IEAM Outbound and Ratatouille

Off this morning to Castelnau for the AGM of IEAM Outbound.. that is to say:
The International Education Association of Montpellier. I've been helping out with their new website at www.ieam.info. It was interesting to see how another association works too.

IEAM Outbound proposes monthly workshops to English speaking children where they can exercise their English as a learning tool. Workshops are open to active IEAM members, and require a strong level of English to participate.

PIG - Parent & Infant group meeting every second week for bilingual toddlers up to 5 or 6 years old.

Club - Designed for Anglophone children ages 6 to 11, this workshop helps kids keep up-to-date with reading and writing in English, get ready for future study, and help develop reading and story-building skills as a way into Anglophone culture.

Discovery - Based on reading and personal written work from participants, this program typically involves literature and other written materials used in school programs of Anglophone countries. An Anglophone cultural program for middle- school children aged 11 to 16.

Chatterbox - NEW ! For the first time, classes of English for non-anglophone children are offered at Outbound.

Classes for kids and teens, where oral practice through playful activities instead of traditional theoretical study, leads participants to rapidly and effectively express themselves in English.

Drama - Using Drama class techniques (improvisation, role-playing, mime,) participants learn to speak up more confidently in English while having fun! Please write to us at the e-mail address for more details.

Home for a very quick lunch and then I check out www.allocine.com and we rush out to see the film Ratatouille at the little cinema in Sommieres - it's the first time we've been to this cinema - it's very cute, modern and small and fab. Alicia's first trip to the cinema at 2 years and 10 months went like a dream - she was an angel (apart from the very beginning when she said twice - very loudly - "papa, what's that?" ) and loved it. Tickets were Euro7 an adult and Euro5.50 for a child.

Sommieres is situated:
Longitude 04° 05' 27" E
Latitude 43° 47' 07" N

For any one who is geographically challenged like me. (big kiss to Peter)

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