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Book Club & England are through...

Off to Anduze today for my bookclub at the restaurant la Grange de La Bahou. 100 years of Solitude got varying praise. A lot of the group just thought it was boring and confusing (everybody was called the same name) - and the rest of the group loved it. Thank goodness we are all different.

Next month's book:

Tonight we have a good evening at Chez Vero's resto in Congenies - where they have a big screen and show the England V Tonga match.. that is until, Alicia, messing around climbing in and out of her pushchair falls out flat on her back - clonking her head. I rush out with her... missing THE try of the evening... and then Alicia promptly throws up all over me and all over her - I have a change of clothes for her - but not for me. So here I am standing in the car park, in my bra brushing off the congealed brandade de morue (I hate fish) and goat's cheese... bleuh.. and cleaning off and comforting a very sorry looking kiddy.

She sits like an angel in the pushchair for the rest of the evening watching England win... with me wearing 'A's pullover - with my stinky wet bra still on.

Still.. at least I'll get to see England V Australia next week in Marseilles. But I might go bang with excitement before then.

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