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Ratatouille again...

A friend wanted to see Ratatouille the film about the cooking rat - so me and Alicia decided to accompany her again. the film has been out here some time - and the cinemas tend to keep kids films for Wednesday and weekend afternoons - but we finally find the Mega CGR cinema in Lattes (opposite the Carrefour supermarket) showing it at 1750hrs - this time Alicia went free - adults Euro7.70 and if you pay 20 cents more you get a voucher for Euro3.20 towards your ice cream.

Alicia fidgeted much more this time - she'd missed her nap (dodo in French) and then 3 mins from the end decided she needed the loo - we returned to the screen just as 'fin' came up in front of us. Hey ho.

This morning at Alicia's school it was 'taste something day'. Each mummy (or daddy) has to make some food and take it in for everybody to taste. I made Delia's cheesy/ham palmiers (what else is fairly clean and easy to carry?) - I made a funny(?) comment about it being English cuisine and if everybody was still alive to the teacher and she replied - well, let's wait until tomorrow and see. Suppose I asked for that? Ho ho.

A very upside down day for Alicia foodwise and sleep wise... she was rather fraught at 9.30pm putting on her pyjamas for bed - she burped a very big burp and then vomited all over our duvet. Lovely. Roll on the weekend.

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