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Words from yesterday

So yes, Sunday we went with the BritNimes cycling club to cycle the whole current length of the voie verte - stopping by the Vidourle for a picnic at half time.

When we got home - I really didn't know what to do with myself - my backside hurt so much - and my calves were so bad I actually took paracetamol. Alicia fell asleep on the back of 'A's bike for the last 5 minutes - it was awful to watch her head lolling about. But the weather was fab. and the countryside gorgeous. Surprisingly I had no ill effects the day after... am I getting fitter?

A meeting with my boss Benoit this morning at mine...to discuss the way forward and advertising and so on... means a quick run around tidying (yes, Benoit that is tidy for our house... - difficult being tidy in 45m2 with a toddler and 2 adults)

Then over to the Intermarche in Lunel to get new number plates for my Twingo - having moved from the Gard (30) to the Herault (34) you have to have your carte grise changed and your number plates too - two numbers plates Euro25 - thank you very much. This situation will end in 2009 - it's pretty dumb to advertise where you are from really - considering we live 100m inside the Herault - and the grief the Parisiens with 75 must get when they are in the South... not to mention thieves see out of town cars as interesting.... and while I am there, I take some shoes in to be reheeled (no not the ones I was dancing in on Saturday night)

Then to Aubais to pay the cleaner and get the ironing... what a fascinating time I have eh?

Here is a video of our cycling leader, Michel thinking he can cycle across the Vidourle.

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