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We plan today to order some bathroom wall tiles from Leroy Merlin and then just make sure a client is all OK after some time away from their Montpellier pad. It's a strike day - but the trams aren't on strike. we even check this before with the car park woman at the Odysseum. So the day goes like this:
  • Tram to Place de l'Europe change for the ligne 2 (flowery tram line.)
  • No tram due because of 'manifestation' for 30 mins - strikers marching thru' the town.
  • Get on other tram going the other way because the man on the tannoy tells us to avoid the gare area where the marchers are... then he tells us to get off again.
  • Get tram to Croix d'Argent - get off due to work on side of track - wait 25 mins for next tram (or was it Sabine?) - we might have changed as Sabine too - forget now.
  • Into Leroy Merlin for 15 mins - go to order tiles - but we can't as the series has now ended..(client will have to choose more) give up and go back to tram and repeat the process back to the gare.
  • Buy 3 lots of sandwiches & muffins for Euro24
  • Go to client's flat were workers have left such huge holes in the window frames it's absolutely freezing (the job isn't finished yet) and the boiler last night (that we've come to turn on ) has emptied 10 bucket loads of water out... so that's not working.
  • Plumber arrives at 2pm - 2 hours late (we could have gone to the Entrecote restaurant and eaten cheaper than Euro24.)
  • We set about bunging holes in windows temporarily - the mistrale is blowing and the temperature is pretty low indoors and out.
  • After that we move furniture back into position - reconnect the computer and phones.
  • Then empty the kitchen completely for workers due to tile the floors on Tuesday
  • We leave at 6pm, just as I remember we should have been at the theatre at 1750hrs in our village for a puppet show with Alicia and her little friend from school.
  • Arrggghhh.
Property Viewings? Already Here? Moving In? Translations & French Lessons
Relocation and Help in Montpellier, Nimes, Herault & the Gard departments. Troubleshooting for those already

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