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Managed a walk around the village today (there should have been a puce market on, but I suppose due to the glacial wind, nobody's turned up - we went out with sheepskin boots on, the lot.) - we're after a spaghetti courge to fill with cream and grated cheese and roast or a butternut squash - but couldn't find any: Anybody seen any this season?

Alicia's in bed for 8.30pm and we settle down to watch the first DVD of the Lord of the Rings - the all features, extra long version with the knobs on. Four minutes into the film we hear the pitter patter of little feet - I pick her up (without speaking to her - like all the TV programmes tell you to do) and she burps and vomits over me - I turn around and she vomits over our duvet - then over the floor - 'A' holds a towel by her chin and she projectile vomits several feet missing the towel by miles.

We bath the child - change the bed - clean the carpet and spray everything to within a inch of it's life with Febreze - absolutely exhausted and half an hour later we go back to the film. It's funny really - I think our viewing of this film is fated - it's taken us 2 years to get around to watching it - it was a Christmas present for 'A' .

Sorry about the graphic nature of this post - I don't see why I should suffer alone though.

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