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Happy Birthday Alicia

Sommieres market this morning - didn't meet anybody at Delice du Liban - think we were too early. Just bought the usual, and as it has been so long since we've been - I got a ribbing from the chap on the organic fruit stall about the Rugby World Cup. Well, :oP at least we came second...

There was a funny moment when Elie from the bar greeted me with a kiss and offered me a pichet of rose at 1030am and my in-laws looked suitably horrified... I stuttered, oh no - just a coffee thank you. D'ya think they've sussed me?

Home to a lovely steaming plate of Aligot and jambon de montagne from the man on the market who sells the fabulous (but expensive) Cantal - then we all staggered (with very heavy tummies) upstairs to give Alicia her final presents.

We've given her a cash till and we spent the whole afternoon sitting on the floor - grandad selling the fruit & veg, me on the till and Alicia doing the shopping. She surprisingly quickly got the hang of the credit card and carte de fidelitie.

The cake is meant to be shaped like Winnie the Pooh, but I got a bit carried away with the marshmallows, pink icing and sprinkles.

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peter said...

Coffee ?

No wonder he was surprised !