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I can't take the stress...

This morning is my turn as mummy at the library at Alicia's school. Just my luck the other mummy's little darling is off sick, so she doesn't show. So instead of 4 smallish groups of 3 year olds to control we have 3 groups of 7, 3 year olds.

My job is to play a CD of the Three Little Pigs and read along with the kids, getting them to turn the pages at the right time. This, being as though I am foreign and not perfect at reading small kids books upside down - trying to talk to the kids and listen to the story on the CD at the same time - isn't easy. It's rather like herding rabbits.

At the end of the first book we have a few minutes and in my panic of losing control of my monsters I sing a nursery rhyme in English - which has the great effect of everybody looking at me totally stunned (i.e. who's this foreign bird? and what the hell is she singing?) Then the teacher returns and makes me sing it twice over... arrggh.

The good thing about today is that up until now Alicia hasn't spoken at all in class and today when the teacher asked whos mummy I was, she stood up and said 'It's my mummy - Alicia' - in French of course.

I spend the afternoon making fairy cakes for Alicia to take to school tomorrow...

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