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White Goods in France.

A big buying session today, so back into Montpellier. We (me and my client) buy:
a dishwasher (Whirlpool), a washing machine and dryer (two separate machines, both Whirlpool) and a fridge-freezer (yet another Whirlpool) from Darty and having been unable to find a completely gas oven with gas grill and hob in there we drive over to But where we find 2. (Brandt and Ariston - we bought Ariston) (My French in-laws are amazed anyone would want to buy a gas oven as they say it would be like living with a bomb!)

Then over to Laypeyre to buy a lovely large shower with a thermostatic shower attachment that is the size of a frying pan... mmmmm heaven. (Though I have to say I'm a bath person and can wallow for hours.)

Finally back to Ikea to add a bathroom sink and cupboards to our kitchen delivery order... but no we can't. Yes we can do an order.. but if we EVEN TRY to look to see if our delivery can be changed (i.e. ADD SOMETHING ON - you know, give them more money...), the date could change even if we didn't want it to - AND THEN WE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO GO BACK. What a bloody stupid set up. It's one of those cases of there isn't a box on my computer to tick, therefore we can't help you.

To do a delivery for a sink and a cupboard which would easily fit in my Twingo car, they would charge Euro95. Well, they can whistle - we'll come back when I have a man (i.e. 'A') who can carry it up the stairs to the client's apartment. And there we left the day.

Can anybody tell me when I'll get used to spending other people's money? it always seems like my own (i.e. budgeting / comparing is seriously done...) but maybe that's the point? But I still come home feeling shellshocked at how much money I've spent!

Just found an interesting site in English explaining your Consumer Rights in France.

Alicia's big day is tomorrow - we've been giving her a present a day while granny and grandad are here - to space things out a bit - they bought her a little wooden cooker... arrgggh I'm surrounded by white goods... well, actually this one is pink.

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