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Brits with no healthcover in France

Having looked into this a few times - this is an interesting option, if you are able to do some kind of consulting work, or writing or translation or something along those lines without getting URSSAF bills for forever more... and it's an easy option.

is a company offering 'portage'... i.e. they will provide you with a work contract, they will invoice your clients for you (even in the UK for example.) and then they pay your social security charges and taxes for you - do your accounting and take between 7 and 10pc of your wages. If you meet the minimum number of hours and money i.e.:

This is the first time I work in France. Will I get social security benefits ?

Insurance - conditions to be met
Your wage over one calendar month has to equal or be superior to 60 times SMIC BRUT.
OR (if the first condition is not met)
Equal or superior to 120 x SMIC BRUT over the last 3 calendar months.
SMIC BRUT is the minimum gross wage
SMIC BRUT = 8.44 Euros since July 2007.

60 times SMIC BRUT = 506.40 euros

You'll be entitled to Social security cover in France.

I'd be interested in other companies doing similar things just to compare if anybody knows about them.

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