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Chateau Cassan Roujan - English Christmas Fete

Blablablah magazine which is based Pezenas way is having an English Christmas fete today - so we set off in the beautiful sunshine - the journey takes just over an hour to Chateau Cassan near Roujan.

I have to say it was the most beautiful (and most interesting in the way of things to buy,) Christmas fete I've been to in France (Nuremburg was better...but that's in Germany- duh)
(Last year we did Nimes, Aix en Provence and Montpellier (which is quite good..))

We even get to see a Papa Noel - Alicia was agog - he looked so real (real beard...)

I am still recovering from the €40 bill for 12 crackers , a jar of mincement and a Christmas pudding. We had a curry for lunch sur place which was very good and only €5.

There were LOADS of English there - mostly young families too - definitely seems a younger crowd than over this side of Montpellier.

I also had to explain to a French lady what crackers were for (and there was a sign somewhere saying that they were invented by the French in the 19th century...

Anyway, keep it in your diary for next year - it was worth a trip.

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