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Montpellier V Bordeaux

I've visited Bordeaux loads over the last few years - it's were ' A' is from...
.. his parents still live in the suburbs - on the end of the tram line. The tram which has been on strike until Christmas - quelle surprise.

We had lots of plans to go to the cinema and take advantage of on tap babysitting.. but after seeing The Bee Movie with Alicia on Christmas eve - it all sort of went down the pan. Mostly due to illness, but also due to 'A' being afraid of missing a meal at home (it's that French thing again.. )..

Then the constant fog (thank goodness we live in the REAL South of France)... and then the cinema that was showing The Golden Compass in V.O. decided to show it only in French along with the other 23 cinemas that are showing it in the area. We are spoilt in Montpellier and Nimes with loyal VO cinemas.

Then, really in Bordeaux once you have done the park with the animals in Gradignan there is NOTHING TO DO. I miss the little ancien courier streets in Montpellier which are nicely decorated and you can browse without buying.. pedestrianised and not noisy. Yes there is the rue St Catherine, but it seems like a motorway in comparison and seems to be full of tat shops.

I fancied this place www.lemystic.fr but it's a bit late now - not to mention 'A' is currently lying in bed, vomiting at intervals of 30 mins.

There is no aquarium or planetarium. The trams seem to take sooo much longer to come. It's virtually impossible to buy an English newspaper away from the station.

Really Montpellier beats it hands down.

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