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Sat Nav vs GPS - all I want to do is follow a bike ride!!??

Well with Christmas in mind, I went off to do some investigating of Sat Nav systems - I mean everybody else has got one haven't they?

Ah - but the difference is, I want one that does walks and bike rides too - i.e. an off-road Sat Nav (which seems to be known as a GPS for some reason). I still want it to say turn left here - turn around NOW! and all that.... with a nice little coloured map to follow.... but just off the beaten track - easy you think?

Well we already have a Magellan GPS which is positively an antique being at least 8 years old - it eats batteries and then only manages to show us a squiggly map as to where we've been and how far we've gone. Flaming useless for what I want... we need something idiot proof, we can follow without having to stop and unfold a map every 10 mins... and it has to come with French countryside maps.

Anyway I discovered the following:
  • A great site to ask questions.
  • Memory Map - looks very interesting but doesn't quite hit the mark.
  • The best thing we've found is the Magellan Crossover GPS - which seems to do what we want. The topographic maps for the Gard and Herault aren't ready yet though - but I'm not sure if we need them or not - are the walking maps included or what?
The purchase has been put on hold for a few months anyway - waiting for new products to come on the market - to give us a better choice.

Oh, I forgot to say that we don't want something that you have to put through a Windows computer - we need something with a memory card...

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