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So much in a short time

Where to start?

Well most of this week I've been battling a very runny cold - then on Thursday I was pretty ill and spent most of the time on the sofa (after a lunch meeting with a client and after printing 100 French Help Services leaflets and Christmas cards that is.)

Then 'A' goes to Paris on Friday to meet his new boss-to-be and colleagues - his company is being bought buy a larger firm and this is really excellent news for us. 2008 will mean a new bigger house and garden for us. He starts back full time now - after 2 years of being on a part-time salary.

Anyway, 'A' gets up at 4.30am for the 5.35am train from Lunel changing at Nimes for Paris - I haven't slept much anyway and woke him before the alarm actually went off. Then Alicia decides this is a great time to want to go to the loo and then becomes very chatty... groan.

I get worse and worse during Friday... nearly die with pain in my face over Friday night and go to the doctors on Saturday morning - sitting and waiting for 2 hours... and even then some bird sitting next to me asks if she can but in the queue... argggh. I don't have the argumentative language skills or strength for that matter to say no.

I come out with steriods / antibiotics / sachets of stuff for mucus (sorry TMI) / industrial sized painkillers and a prescription for an x-ray on my face... is this overkill do you think? Anyway by the end of Saturday afternoon I was feeling much better...

Sunday is the BritsNimes Christmas lunch - I've been organising it and I was going to go and have my glass of champagne even if it killed me.
It's so nice seeing so many people you know.. so many kisses ... so many nice chats. Pity I couldn't taste the food.. mind you, Alicia ate 'A's fab. dessert and then I gave him mine as I felt guilty he'd missed out.
We even won a box of crackers...

Home to Star Wars II on the telly ('A' happy as a pig in wotnot at this discovery) and a bowl of cereal later on. Alicia went to bed at 1800hrs and didn't wake until the next morning at 7.30am.. still in her party dress.. what a bad mother.

I really must do a blow-by-blow post of what happened to me this year - because looking back on it I can't believe it all happened now and we've actually come out the other side intact.

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