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Still Alive

Still alive - but only just.

Why is it that all the family that arrives here in Bordeaux has some sort of bug or other? We arrived over a week ago free of all infections.. everybody else is ill and is freely passing their bacteria around.

Night before last Alicia threw up every 30 mins until 4.30am. 'A' then snored and Florian (Alicia's 11 month old cousin) then woke up and screamed. Alicia was OK all thru' the day... eating us out of house and home to make up for what she lost... and then threw up all over granny this morning (we'd nipped out for 2 mins to the Sunday chemist... for something for the 'glare' (really you don't want to know..)... all through this I've had a great fever... and have sweated a lot.

On top of this are the usual joys of being confined in a (albeit large) house with extended famly ranging from 4 months to 6 yrs in the younger section) who have no concept of how to shut a draughty door... how to walk quietly on the stairs at 11pm.. or generally how not to irritate somebody else to death...

Back to an English Christmas at our new house next year?

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Braunstonian said...

Get well soon.

We're just getting over the flu and have had a few sleepless nights due to Rémy running a temperature of 39.4°C.

As a result the New Years celebration we had planned with friends has had to be cancelled.

Bonne année à tous les 3


John, Isa & Rémy.