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40 Things About Me

40 Things about me - no scrub that... I got to number 26 at 2am this morning as it was just too dreary to think about any longer. People like Petite Anglaise make it all sound so, well.. clever and funny... mine just sounded like something out of a Catherine Cookson novel (apart from the fact I haven't been working down the mill - or the pit, or anything of the sort..)

'A' says 2007 has been a shitty year. Well I can't actually say that as after a few years of HUGE problems - we've actually ended ALL of them. So, it can't be all bad can it? 2007 has included:
  1. Getting divorced (a lot more could be said about this)
  2. Selling my house after 3 yrs before the bank auctioned it from under me (caused by number 1)
  3. The buyer of the house backs out after the neighbour tells a pack of lies about the house. (some of which caused by number 1)
  4. Selling my house for a 2nd time
  5. Losing a court battle with a neighbour over a fallen down garden wall (caused by number 1)
  6. Extracted myself from an interdiction bancaire (guess who?)
  7. Turning 40 (who can I blame for that?)
  8. Seeing LIVE loads of matches in the Rugby World Cup and drank lots of beer (which made turning 40 not seem half as bad)
  9. 'A' after working part time for 2 years due to financial problems at his office is now full time and his company has been bought by another company in Paris - which means we can buy our dream house any time we want.
  10. Alicia started school.
  11. I got a new job.., hence this blog.
And good luck to number 1 - who you can read about here.

And now you can see why I'm so good at my job here at French Help Services - I've been through it all myself and am intact and solvent.

1 comment:

Braunstonian said...

Almost seems very Victor Meldrew-esque... lots of nasty things happening not under your control.

We sincerely hope that 2008 will be a better year for you 3 - hopefully we'll be down in the area this year, we'll have to see. (MIL's appartment in St Pons is occupied by her Step Brother).

Bonne année et Gros bises!

John, Isa & Rémy.