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Vomiting over and then I got desperate...

So 'A' got out of bed at 6pm on New Year's Eve - I put the poor love in the bath - got him out again and gave him leek and potato soup. He sat in the chair while the rest of us ate quails for dinner and had kirs with strawberry sirup... then he slunk back off to bed.

I then sat and watched 20 mins far too much of some musical of Romeo and Juliet until Kylie Minogue's Show Girl tour came on the telly... I then slunk off to bed at 23.55hrs. New Year's Eve was rather crap really...

New Year's Day in comparison was pathetically good... only because I discovered that their cable telly allowed me to watch the Canal + Decale channel in English (not written in the TV guide let me tell you...you click on the info button on the zapper and change the language option) so I watched non-stop the entire 3rd series of Desperate Housewives..(there's even no adverts on this channel) which finished at 1am (yes, I sat there from 10.30am! - happy as a pig in muck I was...)... everybody else was playing Scrabble at this point.

We got back home at 6pm today... hopefully we'll regain our health shortly.

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