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Tax Return Type Speeding Ticket

So I open the envelope that the postie man has dropped thru' the door... addressed to me. It looks like something from the tax man (feel guilty already with no reason.)

The first thing I see is a fine for Euro375 - arggh. Read more closely... ah fine of Euro135, no Euro90..

Someone (not me) drove my Twingo on 9th February in Lunel and was doing 61kms in a 50km zone... any guesses as to whom?

Long story short: if we change the name on the infraction it would take the fine into the over 15 day payment period and we would be Euro135 out of pocket instead of Euro90.... we even verified this with the local cop shop - how dumb is that? Even worse there is a point to go on 'someone's' licence too.

Tell me, is this really true love?

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