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Yet another rubbish bank

What a day!! ..I have to deposit some money into a friend's bank account today. It's the BNP in Sommieres - I've been there, done this before... easy peasy. NO.

The bank has moved out and the new shop is being refurbished as we speak - no notice to say where they've moved to. I call home to get 'A' to check on the internet - The yellow pages has no listing for them. Their own website has the old address still on it. I call their 0820 phone number (no doubt .34c a minute) on my mobile to ask for directions... I get some twit in Paris... who has no idea the office has moved... she gave me the name of the road, which means nothing to me.

I ask if it's near something: the mairie? the post office? - she is too far away and has no idea. She can't even put me thru' to the office in question... in exasperation I drive around the village and find it - just outside the village in the Intermarche's centre commercial - not on an 'impasse' on the D32 as she told me. Argggh.

I ask the assistant to bank the cash for me - no you can't do that... it's machines only here - you'll have to bank the money in your account and then bank a cheque here - ah but your friend who is out of the country would have to sign the back of the cheque. How handy is that?

I have to say that in my awfully stilted French (I totally lose control of my French language when I lose my temper) I really shouted at the bimbette being the counter in the bank.

How ridiculous (though not unheard of and not surprising.). I then remember I have her bank card and can bank the money that way - but I've brought the wrong one with me by accident. I go back to the car - all this time with poor Alicia in tow who is being an angel - although her mouth is full of pain au chocolat by way of bribery... and the car won't start... arggggh.

Luckily the Renault garage is right next door and the man replaces a small bit on the battery immediately for me and only charges Euro8.50.

The afternoon doesn't get any better - I go to the doctor's on the wait your turn RDV basis they have in the afternoons here. I totally miss what some woman says to the whole room (I was reading a cartoon at the time) and she jumps the queue and goes into the doctor before me... I am gobsmacked...

Time to go home to bed me thinks...

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