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Eating Out in Montpellier

We don't get out much... to eat that is. Safe to say that we seem to lunch in Ikea more than anywhere else.. but that might be something to do with my job too.

Anyway, last Saturday on the way back from shopping in Montpellier (Galerie Lafayette in the Polygone shopping Mall and Ikea in the Odysseum) we stopped back at the Chinese huge restaurant in the Odysseum that does a lunch menu for Euro12 for a buffet a volonte and they don't charge for under 4's! An interesting experience but we won't go back. My sophisticated (ho ho) English palate didn't find the food tasty (spicy??) enough - it all seemed pretty bland to me. The nems were good though..

My next eating out experience was a Lyonnaise restaurant in Montpellier called Chez Doume - which served the best chips (with my steak) that I've ever tasted in my life... yes, even better than l'Entrecote. A great place to go if you like meat... recommended.


Miss Expatria said...

Chez Doume is one of my favorites. And I agree with you about lack of spiciness - I find that in many other cuisines I've tried in France - Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc. I ordered vindaloo in paris once and basically got beef (yes, beef) bourgignon!

Braunstonian said...

It's been the craze up here in the Essone for these Chinese buffet like places to spring up over the last 7 years or so. Some are good, some are bad. The main thing that isn't so good at the local one is the amount of heavily deep fried battered stuff on offer. I guess batter mix must be the cheapest ingredient.

For my last expat group meet in Paris we went to a Thai restaurant in the 13th. Sala Thai on Avenue de Choisy is to be recommended although expect to spend around 30 Euros for a meal there. Nice Thai beer too...

We seem to go to IKEA to buy Daims... LOL