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Friday in Nimes

L'Echappée Belle, 6 Grand Rue, 04 66 36 08 02; opening only at lunchtimes Monday to Friday.

Facing "La Maison carrée" go to your left along rue Général Perrier. When you arrive at les Halles turn right onto Place de l'Horloge (the clock tower), then 2nd left onto rue de la Madeleine.

At Place aux Herbes go around la Cathédrale by the right hand side. Place du Chapître has been renovated recently it used to be, back in the Medieval Ages a convent. They actually found the monk's cemetery when they did the excavations!

Turn right after the steps and the fountain and then left at the T junction. The restaurant is at the right hand side corner of rue du Chapître and Grand rue.

This place has a true tale : once upon a time, René Puech, the chef, was getting very very bored with his PR job in a bank... and decided to get into the catering trade... To keep it short this restaurant is special because it's conceived on healthy food for sporty people (Echappée Belle refers to escaping, for a cyclist, from his own racing team). And it's really fresh, nice & tasty food for everybody!

Assiette Equilibrée (Entrée & Plat du jour on the same plate) and dessert 11 € Main Main Course 9 € or 10 € Soups 4 € Desserts 3 €

Thank you very much to Benoit for all these restaurants in Nimes.

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