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Help with Utilities - English speaking contacts for all requirements (Banking, Insurance....)
English TV installation - Telephone & internet installations
Holiday Home / Gite Management (15 years experience in the UK Travel Industry)
Making friends - Helping with schools, creches, nannies, shopping, home-making...
We charge an hourly rate or part thereof
Our overall aim? To get you independent as quickly and painlessly as possible
Telling you how it is, no rose-tinted spectacles here.

We have a maison secondaire

Although not intentionally. We signed for our new villa in Lunel today - we are so pleased and can't wait to get to work on the garden which due to the few warm days we've had, and the Spring showers has sprouted some really fantastic thistles - suitable for any Eeyore to come eat.

After we went to Leroy Merlin in St Aunes and bought 5 pots of 12 litres of satin white paint - 4 lots of magnolia dye to dye the paint for the walls (ceilings will be white) and some stuff to unglue the wallpaper in the one bedroom with wallpaper (I didn't know that existed). For all that we paid Euro320.00 and got a Euro30 voucher that we can use between 8 May and 12 May... no doubt we'll think of something we can use that for....

By the way, that's meant to be enough paint for a 3 bedroomed, 75m2 house (I had a man calculate it.)

Benoit today is in the UK being trained by Tots to France for our new position as their representative from here down to Spain.... which we are really exciting about. This for me, is a dream job, to which I am so ideally suited! After 15 yrs working in the travel industry in the UK... with a 3 yr old and a baby on the way, I should know what families need... and I just love looking at new properties and working out who they are suitable for for making dream holidays for people.

Everything is going so well... something must go wrong now non?

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