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Kermesse cancellation

You know, so much has happened since we moved... I've been contemplating going back and filling it all in, but it just seems to put me off writing anything at all - so you'll get it as it comes... if it comes.

Alicia's school fete (kermesse) tomorrow has been cancelled as the weather has been so ghastly and totally unbelievable for May which is usually by far our best month of the year in my opinion.

www.totstofrance.co.uk is going really well for us - we've got loads of work on and May was a really good month for us. Benoit, my boss must have been run off his little feet with me being out of action with no internet and still no phone for 3 / 4 weeks... not to mention being totally flummoxed by the house move / being pregnant and shattered.

Last week we went along to an English association forum near Pezenas which was run by www.languedocsun.com and www.angloinfo.com and was attended by the British and American Consuls... which was very interesting... got to put lots of names to faces (or faces to names maybe) - it's very strange when people come up to me and know me from all the forums I write on... it's lovely to meet people.

I've been good and updated the http://having-a-baby-in-france.blogspot.com/ blog too so you know what's going on in that department.

With lots of visits to gites looming with Tots to France, Benoit my boss, has bought me a Sat Nav - a www.tomtom.com - which took me half an hour to fathom out how to charge it up today and then it kept telling me I lived 100m down the road - it's rather lilke the Oregan Scientific weather centre we have, I changed the battery in it today and it's meant to access the correct time by radio signal and at 1838hrs it's telling me it's 1.49... am or pm I don't know. Ho hum.

OK, I've done soooo much work today - I have only 2 outstanding things in my inbox (are you listening Benoit?) - AND I've made a leek quiche, rice pudding and a banana and cinnamon cake... I think I'd better go and unpack another box just to show willing - so one day we'll actually be able to walk around this house without tripping over something... well, that's the plan.

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