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Wedding Party in the Ile de Re

Yes I know we've been married, what is it? 6 weeks? but we're now planning the big family party... on the Ile de Re (dead posh like - apart from the fact that's it's at 'A's granny's house!)

So we reckon we have 22 people plus kids to feed and accommodate - the accommodation isn't a problem - granny has gites (that's why we're going there... ) but the food... how do you feed English and French people together? especially when one side is your own family? The way to do it? is to order lots of alcohol and don't worry about it... so that's what we (I am) are doing.

We're going to do it in the garden weather permitting mid June and with a main course of a barbecue - the starters are going to include preserved poitrine of pork, and grillons (what the hell are they?) and those orange fleshed charentaise melons (hell, we're going to the Charente Maritime aren't we?) and some other stuff I've completely forgotten (pregnant brain) - luckily my new in-laws are super-prepared and do wonders for us.

Pudding.. along with the specially ordered crement de Limoux is going to be a piece montee - a French wedding cake of sticky profiteroles - and no, no, no, I don't want a themed one... did you know they make them shaped like the Phare de Baleine (a popular landmark on the Ile de Re) - how naff is that? Still, certain members of 'A's' family think this is a novel idea... hmm... What did I marry into?

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