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Cheap Parking Montpellier Airport

Since 2003, Montpellier Méditerranée Airport made available the car
park pass at a fixed price of 18 euros including VAT, applicable for
all flights, and enabling you to save up to 70 % on the costs of
parking your car for a period of between 7 to 15 days inclusive.

Conditions of sale

- Price: 18 euros including VAT
- The car park pass is a pre-paid parking voucher, which can be used
by passengers taking any flight from Montpellier Méditerranée Airport.
It is only valid for the long-stay car park P4, for a minimum period
of 7 days inclusive up to a maximum period of 15 days inclusive, by
time slot 24 hours.
- Each pass can only be used once and cannot be added to others.
- It can only be sold with an airline ticket for a flight departing
from Montpellier.
- It is only sold by travel agencies, airlines, tour operators and the
Montpellier's car park office. - It cannot be sold for a parking
period shorter than 7 days. It is not possible to remove your vehicle
from the car park before the 7 minimum days have elapsed. However it
is possible to remove the vehicle from the car park at any time
between the 8th day and the 15th day inclusive.
- After the 15th day of parking, every overtaking must be payed in
common rated fare, by time slot 24 hours extra

If you do not have a car park pass, go to the car park office (located
on the P2 ground floor) as soon as you arrive in Montpellier, with
your entrance ticket P4 and your airline ticket. Then, if you satisfy
the conditions of car park pass, the car park office will enable you
to benefit the car park pass'advantage.

Conditions for use

In a case where a passenger holding a Car Park Pass wishes to use it
to park for less than 7 days inclusive, the Car Park Pass is not valid
and does not operate. The passenger must then pay the parking fee as
defined by the applicable tariff per 24 hour period, directly by Carte
Bleue at the exit terminal in P4, at the automatic payment machines or
at the car park office.

from Peter of The Languedoc Page

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