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Supermarket Shopping with Kids

One of my major bug-bears (bug bares?) - shopping with a small person is bad enough - without even discussing the lack of suitable supermarket trolleys - lack of changing-bum space in the supermarket toilets and so on.... Ikea to my knowledge is the only truly kid-friendly shopping space in France - (anybody know better let me know.)

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the new Carrefour Supermarket (was the new Champion) at Aujargues - ok, they call it Villetelle (anyhow, just outside of Sommieres) has mummy and baby parking spaces right outside the door (the only supermarket - apart from Ikea that has these as far as I know) and not only a pregnant mummy cash till queue - but a jaune maman queue! - I'll be going back just because of the thought that's gone into it!

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