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Montpellier Markets

Indoor Markets

Halles Castellane (see below)
Place Castellane et rue de la Loge
Open from Monday to Saturday 0730hrs-1930hrs
Sundays and bank holidays 0700hrs-1400hrs
Tram line 1 / Comédie
Parking: Prefecture
26 stalls

Halles Jacques Coeur
Boulevard d'Antigone
Open Monday to Saturday 0800hrs-2000hrs
Sundays and bank holidays 0800hrs-1530hrs
Tram line 1 / Léon Blum
Parking: Jacques Coeur
29 stalls

Halles Laissac
Place Alexandre-Laissac
Open every day 0700-1300hrs
Tram: line 1 / Comédie
Bus lines: 4,5,6,7 and 16 stops Observatoire and / or Anatole-France
Parking: Laissac
24 stalls

Big Markets

Marché de l'Esplanade-Comédie
Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle
Open Monday to Thursday 0700-1330hrs
Friday and Saturday 0700-1300hrs
Tram line 1 / Comédie
Parking: Comédie
Up to 44 stalls.

Marché des Arceaux (see below)
Boulevard des Arceaux
Open Tuesdays and Saturdays 0700hrs-1300hrs
Bus lines 6 and 16 stop: Arceaux
Parking des Arceaux
Up to 80 stalls

Marché Salengro
Place Roger Salengro
Open everyday 0700-1300hrs
12 stalls

Themed Markets

Comédie des Bouquinistes (secondhand books)
Esplanade Charles de Gaulle
Each 4th Saturday of the month – all day
10 stalls

Forum des Collectionneurs
Boulevard des Arceaux
Open Saturday 0800-1300hrs
Bus: lines 6 and 16 stop: Arceaux
Parking: Arceaux
210 stalls

Marché aux Fleurs
Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle
Open Monday to Saturday 0700hrs-1900hrs
Tram line 1 / Comédie
Parking: Comédie or Corum

Broc'Art, Marché aux livres et á la brocante
Plan Cabanes
Open Wednesdays 0900hrs-1700hrs
Parking: Gambetta
Bus line 15

Marché Paysan (see below)
Avenue Samuel-Champlain
Open each Sunday 0800hrs-1300hrs
Tram line 1 / Antigone
Bus lines 8 and 12 stop: Dom-Bosco
Parking: Nombre d'Or and Europa
52 stalls

Local Markets

Marché Albert 1er
Place Albert 1er
Open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 0700hrs-1300hrs
Tram line 1 / Albert 1er

Marché d'Antigone
Place du Nombre-d'Or
Open Wednesday 0700hrs-1300hrs
Tram line 1 / Antigone

Marché des Beaux-Arts
Place des Beaux-Arts
Open Mondays to Saturdays 0700hrs-1300hrs
Tram line 1 / Corum
Bus lines 4 and 9 stop: Bernard-Délicieux
Up to 7 stalls.


Marché Paysan d'Antigone
The peasant market of the Antigone, managed by the producers themselves has existed for 17 years. Each Sunday morning the avenue Samuel-Champlain gives a special warm atmosphere and the stall holders have a vast range of quality products: seasonal fruits and vegetables alongside the cafés de Rene, the snails, the live trout and fine wines.

Marché des Arceaux
The Arceaux market is at the foot of the arches of the aqueduct which dates from 1765. A grand setting in a lively and busy area of Montpellier which is full of locals and makes this an authentic market. Situated along the boulevard des Arceaux, it's THE big market and one of the most popular of the city. Open Tuesdays and Saturdays. attracting large numbers, particularly those interested in the organic producers of the area.

Halles Castellane
It's impossible to walk along the rue de la Loge and miss this market. Recently renovated, Les Halles Castellane is somewhere that remains unchanged in the long life of Montpellier.
Quality produce, somewhere to have a drink and a small restaurant for those who like to eat and drink well.

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