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Accommodation searches short, medium & long term
Help with house purchases (we are not an estate agent, therefore totally without bias)
Help with Utilities - English speaking contacts for all requirements (Banking, Insurance....)
English TV installation - Telephone & internet installations
Holiday Home / Gite Management (15 years experience in the UK Travel Industry)
Making friends - Helping with schools, creches, nannies, shopping, home-making...
We charge an hourly rate or part thereof
Our overall aim? To get you independent as quickly and painlessly as possible
Telling you how it is, no rose-tinted spectacles here.

Smile and say oui to yesterday's French stick

French bread by law may contain only four ingredients - flour, yeast, water and salt. So it must be fresh... or must it?

Do you love eating French baguettes warm and straight from the boulangerie oven? Do you turn your nose up at yesterday’s left-over bread? If the answer is yes, then you contribute to the problem of the hundreds of thousands of tons of perfectly edible bread that ends up in French dustbins.

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