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English hairdresser in Montpellier

Sorry this hairdresser is no longer available.


Wendy Johnson said...

Rose cuts and styles beautifully. It's been a big relief to discover a British hairdresser who understands exactly what I want. Rose is also a very creative person with plenty of flair and expertise, so you can also risk a new look and be confident you are in safe hands.
Sheila Compton, Junas

Barb & Andy said...

My whole family has benefitted from Rose's brilliant hairdressing skils for some years now - that' me, my husband and our 2 children! What a relief to put your hair in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing and understands what you want - thank you Rose!

Gaynor said...

I look forward to having my hair done by Rose, a time to catch up on news of family and friends. The bonus of course a super hair cut. After the first time, when I returned to London, my very reputable hairdresser remarked on how well my hair had been done. He assumed that I had been to an expensive Paris stylist. I choose not to tell him my secret. Gaynor Reynolds

Gaynor said...

I look forward to having my hair done by Rose. An opportunity to catch up on news of family and friends and have a super hair cut. On returning to London after my first appointment my hairdresser of some repute remarked on the excellence of the cut. He had assumed that I had gone to an expensive Paris salon. I decided that that would be my secret.
Gaynor Reynolds

Signe said...

Recently I was invited to a wedding in Montpellier and I started to look for a hairdresser. So I suddenly found Rose. She was so helpful and offered to come with all her professional equipment to my hotel room. Honestly, I was very impressed. Within 2 hours both me and one of my friend got a beautiful hairdo.Rose really has a good eye and improvisation. Needless to say we very very happy. Next time I get a wedding invitation I will definitely check if Rose is somewhere nearby.... Signe

susan heath said...

Rose is a talented & knowledgeable colourist & cutter who has a thoughtful & imaginative approach. She takes the time & trouble to give you what you want and cares that you are happy with the result. She gives good advice if asked, but ultimately does what you ask for.

Anonymous said...

Where is Rose? Is she still working in Montpellier. I am desperate for a decent cut … apologies to the French hairdressers I've been to, but really, the cutting has been amateur.

Wendy Johnson said...

~Sorry Rose has now left France