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English Bookshop Montpellier - Author visit 6th March

SATURDAY March 6th meet
Isabel Losada is a British actress, singer, dancer, television producer and author. Her three most recent full length books, combining humour with a serious look at their subject matters, are based on her own experiences.
In the “Battersea Park Road Guide to Enlightenment”, a bestseller in twelve countries, she tries out many of the courses in the UK that offer routes to inner peace and personal fulfillment.
She then followed up with “For Tibet, with Love:A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World”, in which she explores what one person can do to make a difference, in this case to the cultural imperialism of the Chinese Government in Tibet.
Her most recent book Men! Poses and then explores in depth the question, "Where are all the interesting and  available men?" “Men!” answers the question that women discuss every day: 'Where are the interesting and available men?' From learning to be a plumber and riding a Harley to interviewing psychologists, scientists and dating hosts, this book helps readers learn about men and about themselves.
Bertrams Books

'Losada plays at being a real life Bridget Jones on the hunt for 'real' men. Her search takes her from building sites to the City trading floors as she tries to understand the male psyche via info from psycholigists and dating experts. Think Michael Moore meets 'Men are from Mars' only a lot funnier.'
Glamour Magazine.

'Isabel Losada has achieved the perfect combination of humour, poignancy and intellectual rigour.'
The Statesmen.

'Searching and Honest.'
The Independent on Sunday.


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