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Culture in Montpellier

Montpellier is setting the stage for tomorrow’s cultural scene through creations, get-togethers, and innovation.

Join a whirlwind of shows and events where creativity and emotion hold the power, 365 days a year. Enjoy major events for all, such as Festivals, exhibitions… and make the most of your stay!

Here is a selections of events not to be missed…
But there are so much more! To have the details about what’s on in Montpellier, click here.

  • Saperlipopette, voilà enfantillagesMay 2010
    “Heavens, what childishness”… combining theatre, music, dance, circus, street arts, arts & crafts and all disciplines of performing arts are presented in this festival designed to delight children and their parents!

  • FISE, International Festival of Extreme Sports
    May12-16, 2010

    The largest gathering for extreme sports in Europe.
    Today’s best riders are meeting in Montpellier to defy the laws of gravity on rollerblade, skateboard, BMX, wakeboard, freestyle motocross and more. New events are being prepared for this year’s FISE. After a hard day’s competition, the night gives way to concerts with top DJs…
    Montpellier is the world capital of now-generation sports. Don’t miss this festival for any reason!

  • Book Fair: Comédie du Livre
    May 28-30, 2010

    A major free and open-air book fair, Comédie du Livre is a place for the public and over 300 writers to get together at local bookstores’ stands, during conferences, debates, major presentations, as well as in our coffee-bookshops. Comédie du Livre also welcomes authors of graphic novels, youth literature, literary magazines and numerous regional publishers.
    Theme for 2010: America

  • Photo: Boutographies
    June 8-23, 2010

    Montpellier’s own photographic exhibition. Boutographies is an occasion for photographers to get together for an inspirational moment in Montpellier, a time to share views on photography with other French and European photographers, an opportunity to exhibit and seduce the Montpellier public.

  • FAV – Festival of Living Architecture
    June 17-20, 2010

    Discover ephemeral contemporary art in the interior courtyards of selected private mansions. The Festival of Living Architecture is a project that offers a pleasant trip through architectural discovery in the heart of Montpellier.

  • Total Festum
    June, 2010

    A festival highlighting Catalan and Occitan cultures, with concerts, street arts, banquets and free parties.

  • Printemps des Comédiens
    June 3-27, 2010

    This popular festival for the general public offers a wide variety of exceptional theatre, circus and world culture events.

  • International Montpellier Danse Festival
    June 18 – July 7, 2010

    30tn birthday!! Montpellier Danse is one of those rare privileged occasions for the world’s top choreographers to get together. Over 3,000 companies have come to Montpellier from around the world thanks to this festival, providing a natural extension to our rich regular dance season with 3-10 performances per day over nearly 10 days.

  • Les Estivales
    July – August, 2010

    Local wines, tasting, books, encounters… a friendly moment to be shared every Friday evening on the Place de la Comédie.

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